For San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder


Stew Jenkins is your best choice for County Clerk-Recorder to provide us with
Honest Elections You Can Trust

The County Clerk-Recorder is the one county-wide officer we elect to meet the most important needs of everyday our lives.  The Sheriff and D.A. stop crime, but we hope we never need call them.  The County Clerk-Recorder puts on elections in your neighborhood giving you control of your schools, city, county, state and nation.  The Clerk-Recorder  provides you marriage licenses and certificates of marriage, birth & death.  The County Clerk-Recorder makes your deed, survey map, parcel map or fictitious business name official, and preserves the history and records of your life and your County.  Read on to see why Stew Jenkins is your best choice for County Clerk-Recorder.

An Election Law Lawyer, Stew Jenkins has lived, worked, and volunteered to serve the public in San Luis Obispo County for 60 years. Stew grew up in San Luis, attending Quintana, C.L. Smith, Pacheco elementary, San Luis Obispo Junior and Senior High schools. He graduated from Cal Poly, and returned home to SLO after getting his law degree to raise his family and serve our communities. Stew’s deep commitment to our County clearly shows he is the best choice because:

  • As a Deputy Registrar-of-Voters, Stew helped thousands of voters register to vote by going door-to-door in every community in our county.  He has registered voters for over 40 years here as a volunteer.
  • Stew is immersed in our county’s history and its different geographic, political, social, and ethnic communities.
  • For decades Stew has served as a nonpartisan Inspector or Clerk at polling places in multiple communities.
  • Stew Jenkins has real experience investigating and preventing actual vote fraud in San Luis Obispo County.
  • Stew is an Election Law Lawyer who has successfully vacated unconstitutional election laws and enforced Voter Initiatives in Court.
  • Stew has the proven ability to communicate and provide complete answers to all questions from the media, political parties, voters, candidates, and the Board of Supervisors concerning Redistricting and Elections.
  • Stew has strong skills in Campaign Finance Reporting Laws.
  • Stew will work to open satellite offices serving the South County, North County and North Coast.

San Luis Obispo County needs Stew Jenkins in the Office of County Clerk-Recorder to provide us with Honest Elections You Can Trust.  

Vote Stew Jenkins June 7, 2022

All campaign consultants say not to give the public any more than three to five talking points.  I’m Stew Jenkins.  Maybe what you’ve seen about is enough; but I think you have a right to know more about a candidate before giving your vote to the candidate.  So ………..   Would you like to know more?